Scouting Oscar Lewicki

Oscar Lewicki of Sweden in a tackle

This week Cardiff City have been linked with Swedish midfielder Oscar Lewicki. The Malmo player was linked by Swedish football journalist Mikael Isaxon.

The link came out of the left-field, he’s not someone we’ve heard Cardiff linked with before, but nevertheless we wanted to get the lowdown on our potential new signing.

We caught up with Swedish football fan and writer Erik Sedin to find out a bit more about the Malmo man.

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On his style of play…

“Lewicki is a defensive midfielder, and believe me when I say defensive. He’s the classic ”Städgumma” (a rough translation from Swedish to English would be ”cleaning lady”), meaning that his job is to win the ball back and quickly pass the ball to a teammate that’s available.”

On his strengths…

“Lewicki is a super professional player. He doesn’t drink (and never even tried alcohol) and takes his football extremely seriously. You will get a player that fights hard for his team and stays loyal to his team’s way of play. I don’t like to compare players, but he’s an N’golo Kante type player (they’re probably around the same height and build as well).”

On his weaknesses…

“With the strengths, there are the inevitable weaknesses. He is quite the ‘school book player’. He can sometimes lack creativity and attacking edge. It can get frustrating to watch him just pass it sideways or backwards, also called alibi passes. Also, his build sometimes holds him back as a defensive and protective player against bigger players.”

On whether he can make the step up to the Premier League…

“He has played against some big big teams in the the Champions League with Malmö and Sweden in the Euros, for example. And he didn’t make a fool out of himself in any way. I would be a bit concerned with how he copes with the famous pace in English football, as well as his physical stature.”

On the rumoured £7mil price tag…

“Definitely worth it. He is not just a promising talent anymore, Lewicki is an experienced player with a strong winning mentality and sufficient technical abilities. Personally, I would pay much more than £7mil though. Cardiff will get what they pay for.”

Thank you to Erik Sedin for speaking to us. You can follow Erik on Twitter @eriksedin.