Why #CityAsOne is so accurate

Buckle up, Bluebirds! This time next week, Cardiff City Football Club will have opened their 2018/19 Premier League campaign.

Fans will take to Bournemouth to open our campaign, where the Bluebirds will be hoping to get their first points on the board! There’s been some skepticism regarding a lack of transfers… admittedly from myself at points. However, from where we’ve been as a club, we can have no complaints as the Bluebirds prepare for dreamland. These are good times at Cardiff City Football Club and it’s time for us to enjoy them.

Troubled Times

It’s been a long time coming and we’ve certainly faced our ups and downs as a club since our last Premier League season in 2013/14.

Truth be told, I only went to one Cardiff City game in that Premier League season. Cardiff played Everton at home… but I didn’t feel at home. I didn’t feel like I was watching my team.

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The rebrand had a significant impact on many of us. There was a lot of off the pitch drama between Vincent Tan and Malky. I just remember thinking, this was meant to be a season of celebration, regardless of where we end up in the table.

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There was also the initial embarrassment of Mark Hudson, the poor chap… repping what was dubbed as the worst Premier League kit. Them shorts still give me nightmares.

Many fans couldn’t connect with the Club’s branding, nor could they connect with some of the managers. Russell Slade lacked experience and OGS seemed to make many random, ill-thought out signings.

A New Chapter

It was tough times at the club… but more recently, it looks as if a new, better chapter has commenced. It all started with Bluebirds chanting “Mrs Tan, Mrs Tan you’re a bluebird”, after it was confirmed that Vincent Tan’s mum had an influence on our owner reverting the re-brand.

We would later watch on as Cardiff City Football Club played in a blue home kit against Fulham. Fans left the CCS in high spirits, in blue and with three points. It felt like a real turning point.

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Then Neil Warnock came along and re-structured the Club… later earning a record number of Championship promotions. None of us expected such a rapid change of events.

Last season was probably one of the most tense yet exciting seasons I’ve experienced as a City fan. We did it the Cardiff City way and left it to the final game of the season, of course. However, who cares… we were deservedly promoted!

Bethan Phillips celebrating as Cardiff City confirmed promotion to the Premier League

A Rallying Call

It really does feel like the Club, manager and fans are all singing off the same hymn sheet, again. The #CityAsOne Club message is a perfect summary. The unity and passion is back. Vincent Tan has apologised for his past mistakes. He has also put the Club in a much better financial position. The marketing team within Cardiff City have done a fantastic job in connecting with the fans; particularly at the kit launch.

We’ve got Neil Warnock, who is a perfect manager for Cardiff City’s DNA. We’ve always been a club who needs a big character on the touch-line. There’s no messing with Warnock. He’s experienced, fiery and most importantly, understands the fans.

Every player last season gave it all for the badge. As fans, there’s nothing more you want as you go through the turn-styles on match day. There’s good team spirit between the players.

Our 2018/19 Premier League kits have arrived and there’s no red version. Walking around the City this summer has filled me with pride. Fans are out and about in their new City tops. Our capital City is relishing the return of Premier League status.

The last time Cardiff City reached the Premier League, we didn’t enjoy it as much as we could have because of off the field drama. It feels different this time.

We have to be realistic ahead of the season. I don’t want to shy away from the fact that we have much smaller budgets than others clubs in the division. We are also relatively inexperienced in contrast to other teams.

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Yet, I think that the Premier League will offer real incentive to the players. We were never classed as promotion contenders last season. The players will want to make their mark and give everything for themselves, the club and the fans.

It’s a massive opportunity for us as fans. We are renown for being a passionate and loud fan-base. Let’s make the Cardiff City Stadium a base that away fans remember for its atmosphere. There’s no denying that we can make the Cardiff City Stadium a fortress.

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Let’s enjoy the season ahead, not judging where we are in the table… but judging on the performances, on the atmosphere and on the Premier League journey.

This time, we are City as One. It’s our job to get behind our team… to “support the boys and make some noise”.