As quickly as the rumour gathered pace, the news was confirmed. Oumar Niasse, the Everton striker, has signed for Cardiff City on loan. The burly striker who has spent time at Hull and Lokomotiv Moscow comes in until the end of the season with an option to make the deal permanent. Here’s what the VFTN team had to say…

Ben James

Niasse is a decent signing if a little inevitable. We need a striker and he’s out of favour at Everton – perhaps unfairly – and it feels like the right fit. He’s a decent goalscorer as exhibited by his record in Moscow and Turkey. He also did well for Hull on loan previously. Getting in an out-and-out striker is vital – getting in two might be a master stroke. Niasse signing now could give us a bit of invigoration as we go to an injury hit Newcastle on Saturday.

Scott Salter

For all the furore around the pursuit of Emiliano Sala, it’s Oumar Niasse that has made sense to me since the start of the transfer window. He may not have the goal return that Sala has this season, or excited fans quite as much, but from what I’ve seen of the Everton man he’s a perfect Cardiff player.

Patrick Boyland of Everton’s The Blue Room told us earlier on in the window that Niasse is all heart – he’ll give 100% and run all day – which is something Cardiff fans will love. Paddy told us that Niasse does have is technical limitations, but to me that’s not a big worry in this Cardiff side.

The big question now is what do Cardiff add to Niasse. Is it Niasse + Sala, or will the Everton striker be the sole attacking acquisition this window. Time will tell.

Scott Johnson

In terms of a January loan signing, I don’t think Cardiff could have found any better than Oumar Niasse. It tends to be waifs and strays at this time of the year, but I don’t think he’ll be there to make up the nmbers, I think he will prove a real asset.

Niasse is first and foremost very much a Warnock player. He works his stones off and has the right attitude, which is half the battle with a loan signing. He may not be the most sophisticated of players, but we’re talking Cardiff here, so I don’t see that being an issue.

Think Cameron Jerome and you’re along the right lines, and I say that very much as a big Jerome fan. It feels so right, it can’t be wrong (he says in eternal hope).

Ben Isaacs

I’ve always been a fan of Niasse and I can see why Warnock coveted him. He’s a grafter but has underwhelmed recently with Everton. Premier League experience isn’t the be all and end all but it’s nice to have a player in the team who really has been there and done it in this division. He won’t be flashy and he may not be prolific but he’s a real-life honest-to-goodness top flight goalscorer who should perform near his best given a run of games. Now, let’s see him paired with Sala, eh?

Paul Gronow

The perfect addition to a hard working team, that is powered by passion. Niasse will bring much-needed firepower to a blunt strike force and could be the key to unlocking those Premier League defences. His reputation precedes him, especially in the dressing room, but when Warnock’s cornerstone is team spirit, it would be hard to see him disrupting what is a tight knit unit.

Goals win games, as the old adage goes, and one thing’s for sure; Niasse knows where the net is. I’m also more happy about this signing than the protracted Sala signature. Our relegation rivals will be taking note of the Bluebirds new strike force and he can rely on fervent support from the terraces.

Bravo Bluebirds.