Harry Arter finished his loan spell at Cardiff under somewhat of a cloud. He wasn’t seen in the photo from the last training session of the season and was pictured at Fulham on the final day of the season – with rumours swirling that he was set to join his brother-in-law at the club. But now, there are whispers that Cardiff are looking to bring Harry back. And it’s splitting the fanbase ever so slightly as the replies to our tweet show:

So what’s the argument for and against? Ben James looks at the against argument and Scott Salter looks at the for.


Harry Arter is the most Cardiff City player of all time. He’s got a big heart, he loves to chase balls and dive into tackles, and he looks proper busy. But, on the other hand, he lacks that creativity we crave and is a limited footballer. There were times last season when he snatched at the ball or chose the wrong pass. The fans love him despite these limitations.

I’m quite surprised that we’re considering another move for Harry. It felt like the relationship had really run its course by the end of the season. Living in London, it felt like it was clear a move to Fulham was on the cards. And they would probably be willing to pay him the money he’s earning at Bournemouth and he would be with his brother-in-law.

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And now we are linked with him once again. There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to signing Arter. He’s on Premier League wages – around £40k a week. Now, I don’t mind paying big wages to players or big transfer fees but there needs to be that guaranteed return. And with Arter, while he brings some energy, I’m not sure what he would bring ahead of Ralls or Vaulks or even Bacuna. Indeed, there were times last year when Arter’s willingness to chase the ball would take him out of position and leave us exposed.

If we’re going to pay high wages for someone, I’d prefer it to be someone like Jarrod Bowen or Bradley Dack. If we’re looking for midfield reinforcements, lets look at people like Jackson Irvine. There’s a wealth of better value midfielders out there and I’d prioritise them above getting Arter back.


If you’d asked me at the end of last season would I want Harry Arter back, I probably would’ve said no.

I was in a full-on rage about his presence at Fulham, which was no doubt heightened by the ‘snake’ shouts on Twitter.

The more I think about it, though, the more I warm to the idea of Harry Arter returning to South Wales.

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Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with Ben James that a lot of Arter’s energy and running was wasted and left him out of position.

But the context here, for me, is that Cardiff City are now a Championship side. I feel like Harry Arter would be a very good Championship midfielder.

Championship defenders are less composed than those in the top flight, so Arter’s pressing could cause some actual problems this year.

Arter can also be good on the ball – he’s spent a number of years in a Bournemouth side who like to play football. I think last year’s system and Cardiff’s underdog status meant that Arter focussed less on playing football, but in the Championship he should have more opportunities to get on the ball.

What I will acknowledge is that Arter shouldn’t be the priority and should not come at the expense of a much-needed striker.

That said, perhaps Warnock has acknowledged that finding a new right back will be tough and sees Bacuna as an option there rather than in the centre of the park. That means a three of Arter, Ralls and Vaulks, which I think is a very good trio for this level.

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