THIS WAS THE ONE THING WE DIDN’T WANT TO HAPPEN. Cardiff fans were sent into almost collective meltdown as news filtered through that Cardiff City had sold Bobby Reid to Fulham for around £10m. So, what do we think?

Ben James

I’m quite calm on the sale of Reid for a couple of reasons. I liked Reid and I hoped Reid would be the player who sparked something this year, something that took us to a different level. But one underwhelming performance later, we’ve got rid. And I can understand it. He looked great at times last season but it’s clear Warnock didn’t know how to deploy him to get the best out of him. And with talk that he prefers Paterson behind the striker, where was Reid going to fit?

Ultimately, we’re selling a player for £10m (reportedly) who has played a handful of games for us, and we’re not losing any money. Yes, he could have been great this year but if Warnock can’t get the best out of him, then it’s best for all that he moves on. It’s galling that he’s gone to Fulham – it strengthens a rival – and there will be questions over Warnock’s transfer policy last summer. I hope Reid goes on and has a great season – except for those two games against us.

Paul Gronow

I’ve tried my best to remain sensible about all of this and see it from both sides. One one hand you’ve apparently got a player who wants to leave but on another MASSIVE hand, it’s Bobby blooming Reid.

Cardiff City signed him for a time such as this and it was only Victor’s arrival that saw him consigned to the substitutes bench more regularly than not. He was supposed to Ben our guaranteed goals this year and now he’s cottaging in the big smoke!

He’s a marquee player at this level and I’m very angry it’s all transpired on the final day of the window. I have to trust Neil knows best but this has been the biggest test so far.

Charlie Cottrell

There’s some sour irony in Reid leaving us for Fulham, when it was at Craven Cottage that he most likely saw the writing on the wall regarding his position under Warnock. Camarasa injured with half an hour left in a must-win game, and he’s sat on the bench entirely transparent, as Rhys Healey is given the nod instead.

Such a criminal oversight epitomises his relationship with the club, really. Overlooked and undervalued. Indeed, he didn’t seem to fit Warnock’s system, but this is one of the occasions in which the gaffer’s stubbornness has shot us in the foot. It wouldn’t have been so difficult to take had this not been to a promotion rival.

Scott Salter

Well, well, well. I don’t really know what to say. On one hand, I’m a bit gutted that Bobby Decordova-Reid is leaving Cardiff. I think there’s an outstanding player in there and have no doubt that he will bag plenty of goals in the Championship during his career.

On the other hand, I echo some of Ben James’ thoughts above. Bobby Reid just didn’t fit Cardiff’s system under Neil Warnock, so should we persevere?

I don’t know the answer to that and in many ways I think we’ll regret letting Reid go. Only time will tell, but there’s an element of what if lingering in the air.

Dan Moffat

To say I’m frustrated would be an understatement. I said in my preview piece that Bobby Reid would be our player of the season and that the squad should be built around him. Selling him to a promotion rival In Fulham makes things even worse, and I think losing Reid makes us a weaker team.

The reaction from Cardiff Twitter is entirely justified, as Reid is arguably our best player in terms of quality, and in my honest opinion, everything should have been done to keep him, even if that included changing the system- that’s how highly I rate him. But in fairness, we don’t know what has gone on behind the scenes. Has Reid asked to be moved on? Has Warnock fallen out with him? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, Reid will be a crucial part of Fulham’s season now, to the detriment of Cardiff City.

Beth Phillips

I’m really gutted to see Bobby Reid leave in these circumstances, especially after how well he played when he got the chance last season. He was the player I had banked on getting the most goals for City this season. That said, he wasn’t always given a chance and it doesn’t appear that he fits into Warnock’s style of play.

It’s frustrating, not least because of Reid’s ability, but more so because he’s left the bluebirds on deadline day and moved to a championship rival. I think he’ll do very well at Fulham, but here’s hoping our new boys get a good performance in on Saturday for the first home game of the season. That’s got to be our focus now.