Don’t worry about a thing because Robert Glatzel, who was named after Bob Marley, is here to make sure that every little thing is gonna be alright. VFTN met up with Cardiff’s big summer signing this week to discuss his path to South Wales and his first impressions of the Champiosnhip.


Hi, Robert. Welcome to Cardiff! What’s your first impressions of Cardiff and how does it compare to back in Heidenheim?

Thank you. Of course it’s bigger. Way bigger. A bigger club, bigger stadium and bigger fans. It’s like what I expected, but I didn’t think it was this big! The training ground, everything’s just more professional. The lads are stronger and bigger too. It’s another step, a bigger step than Bundesliga 2 I think.

Did you know any of the players or know anything about Cardiff before hearing about their interest in you?

To be honest, I didn’t know any of the lads, I just know them from watching TV. I watched the Premier League a lot last season, so I watched some of the games, but I didn’t know any of the guys professionally.

Are you settling in well?

Yes, I like it here! I’ve settled in a little bit. I get my house on the weekend, then my family comes over then everything will be perfect.

Your English is very good. Growing up in Germany, how did you learn English?

So just in school and watching MTV as a kid I always watching MTV shows, reality shows and always listening to English music.

How did the move come about? It seemed to happen really quickly. Neil Warnock has said he’s been after you for a while.

Yes, like Neil Warnock said, four weeks ago they first talked to my manager and everything started. I wasn’t sure at first because it’s a big challenge and a new country. In Germany, I had everything; I was a starter and my main goal was to get to the Bundesliga, but then they showed me so much interest, I just wanted to do it so bad.

Are you aware of any other clubs that were interested in you?

Yes, I had other interest from the Championship and one or two clubs in the Bundesliga.

How did Neil Warnock sell you the club?

He tried to tell me about the club about the fans about the way we play here. What the goals are for the club and that convinced me.

How you getting on with Warnock so far?

I like the training a lot because we play a lot of training games, so we always have the ball. We always play not only shooting and passing, we also play little games 5 v 5, 6 v 6, 8 v 8.

On the pitch, what are your personal goals for the season? Do you set yourself a goal target?

I don’t think about a number, I just want to give my best for my team mates, for my club and of course, score a lot of goals. It’s always the goal to go in to a match and score goals, but I don’t have a number.

How does the championship compare to the Bundesliga 2?

I think it’s more physical, stronger and more athletic. The game always goes back and forth. In Germany, it’s more tactical, more passing and it’s very disciplined. Here in the Championship, I think it’s more like who plays the best individually.

When you joined the club, everybody was talking about your hat-trick against Bayern Munich. What were your memories of that and was that a turning point in your career to some extent?

The game was unbelievable and for me personally, the biggest game in my career. I’m from Munich, so that’s my home town and there were friends and family, between 50 and 100 people there watching the game. Growing up in Munich, playing against this big club and World Cup champions, to compete against them and do so well against them gave me a lot of confidence.

You were up against Matts Hummels that day not many people score three against a defender of his quality.

No, it was an unbelievable game and he’s an unbelievable player. Although I scored three goals, he was so good and he is the best defender I’ve ever played against.

How did you enjoy your debut against Luton?

I loved it! The stadium was unbelievable and the fans surprised me very much! I knew they were good fans, but the atmosphere was great! It’s more long balls more physical, but I knew that. I think I maybe need two or three more games to get used to it, then I think I can do even more on the pitch. That’s my goal; to adapt to the game and to do even better.

How would you describe your game? What kind of striker are you?

I think I can do a little bit of everything. I don’t think I’m just a physical guy or only play with my feet either. I’m not the fastest guy, but I think I have a little bit of everything.

It seems from watching your debut on Saturday you give everything as well.

Yes, of course. I give everything for my team mates, for the club, for the fans and of course myself too. I want to be the best I can be, for my club and for myself.