Cardiff City find themselves a mere two points from the top six with nine games to go, something that is proving baffling for even the most ardent of Bluebirds to understand. This would be a favourable set of circumstances for most of the 24 teams in the league, but for me, I’m struggling to care.

It has become customary for us to be challenging the top six teams for promotion from the Championship. In fact, we’ve have only finished outside the Championship top 10 twice in the previous 11 seasons played in that league. It would be fair to say that within the Championship pond, we’ve been one of the bigger fish to fry for some time now and I am beginning to wonder if it’s bred apathy amongst the ranks.

There was a time that a trip to Ninian Park, areal bear pit, bred fear amongst the hardiest of souls, it truly was the fiercest of all bear pits. Rio Ferdinand’s oft-quoted reverence for the atmosphere within those four stands is something most of us smile at, but let’s be honest here, you can hear a pin drop at the City sometimes these days.

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Was it the same at Ninian Park and we’ve all just forgotten, our glasses firmly tinted with the rosiest of reds, or has this new quietness crept upon us all like some slow death we never heard coming?

Away fans will tell you, with the exception of a few matches here and there, the atmosphere at the Cardiff City Stadium is representative of how I feel at the moment. Occasionally excited, but quite often bordering on indifference. At a match recently I heard someone telling their mate about a fantastic shit he’d had on company time.

That guy sits hundreds of seats away from me in a different stand (thankfully).

For a team that’s challenging near the top of one of the supposedly most exciting leagues in the world, packed full of great footballers and fantastic playing styles, why am I not feeling it? Is it just me that feels this way? Are the rest of you buzzing for each match, wishing the nights away so you can see your beloved Bluebirds play again?

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More importantly, what does it all mean? I’m someone that advocates being inspired by events ON the pitch, the team should be getting the fans off their seats not the other way around.

Maybe it’s nothing and another shot at the Premier League will set the pulses racing away, or maybe not. One thing’s for sure; I’m not that bothered at the prospect of the Bluebirds playing their games behind closed doors due to Covid-19 fears. And that does worry me.

If you’re hoping I’ll provide a magic solution here, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. I don’t have one. At this stage, I’m contemplating whether to renew my season ticket and that’s not a conversation I thought I’d be having any time soon.

One thing I do know is, I will give the team my support whilst I am there. I won’t be booing anyone off the pitch or cheering a substitution. Maybe May will bring some clarity and I will look back on this as a time of silly naval-gazing nonsense. Either way, the passion has to return soon. Doesn’t it?